Naiin bookstore, Thailand

AVer aids Naiin bookstore in the fight against retail shrinkage in Had Yai, Sonkra, Thailand

Taipei, Taiwan, May 27, 2010- Naiin Bookstore, a franchise of Amarin Printing and Publishing Company, located at Had Yai, Songkra, Thailand, has been bothered by shrinkage despite of having surveillance cameras in place previously. The blurriness of surveillance footages has made police investigation difficult in identifying suspects and suspicious actions. In addition, taking the opportunity of expansion that doubled the square feet of the bookstore that had caused the conventional cameras unbearable, store owner has decided it was the right time to renovate to IP cameras.


After product demonstration and explanation, the bookstore owner worked closely with AVerMedia Thailand branch through a convincing local dealer to set up a hybrid surveillance system to secure the perimeter. 30 units of AVerDiGi SF1301 IP cameras were ubiquitously mounted throughout the store along with two proper functional analogs at the front gate and AVerDiGi SA6832E RACK DVR was securely placed in the control room to protect the 1,140 square feet property.


The Megapixel AVerDiGi SF1301 IP cameras are able to provide much clear surveillance images to the owner’s satisfaction. They feature 1.3 megapixel (up to 1280x1024) resolution, up to 30 fps recording rate, minimum illumination at 0.5 Lux, and support 4 video streams simultaneously with combinations of MJPEG and MPEG4 video formats that have been helping the store owner to turn the often unnoticed internal shrinkage (employee theft) transparent.


In order to fully reach a total secure reading and business environment for both customers and the owner, AVerDiGi SA6832E RACK, a 32CH Real-Time Standalone DVR, was recommended, demonstrated, and installed in the control room due to its seamless connection with AVerMedia IP cameras, and up to 960/800 fps.


It also plays as a strong backup device to the law enforcements and the owner with features such as Real-time playback mode for complete crime scene investigation, powerful search by date, time, camera, event and area for suspect identification, and multiple user access modes for protecting surveillance footages.