Detention center, Taiwan

AVer helps police keep a watchful eye on the security of Taiwan's Hsinchu Detention Center

Taipei, Taiwan, September 13, 2010- Hsinchu Detention Center, which houses criminal defendants, juvenile defendants, prisoners, detainees with narcotic addiction and under gangster violation, has installed a total surveillance system constructed with AVerDiGi Hybrid DVRs- SA6416E, EH5116 Pro, NV5000, and CMS CM3000.


Providing security to this heavily armed facility post various challenges. First, the surveillance system has to be stable to ensure the safety of the inmates and workers on daily basis. Second, to constant monitoring inmates indoor and outdoor to spot suspicious activities and deter violence, third, to provide evidences after incidence for investigation, fourth, to prevent violence or riot going out of control with instant and effective reaction. And last, to centralize camera feeds for better management of the property.


To make sure that AVerMedia was able to provide the best of their needs, security managers at Detention Center had a trail test on AVerDiGi NV5000- Hybrid Window-base capture card. With a satisfactory result based on the functionality and services of AVerMedia products after weeks, they have picked AVerDiGi Standalone hybrid DVRs/NVRs to connect 120 analog cameras throughout the facility. Since there are hundreds of rooms, multiple cell blocks, hundreds of inmates, close and instant centralize monitoring and reactions are critical to ease the burden of patrol officers, therefore, they have also evaluated and selected AVerMedia CM3000 CMS to provide instant notification from all camera data and 24/7 overhaul on the Center.


Although centralize surveillance management was crucial to this project, Hsinchu Detention Center faced budget limitation. Each of these 120 cameras needed to be close monitor, but the fiscal budget wasn’t allowed the security manager to purchase as many monitoring screens as he wishes. So, to accommodate all the surveillance images, AVerMedia has customized the Auto Scan function of CM3000 from 20 seconds per camera feed to 5 seconds. The change has made securities to have quick scan on each of the camera streaming image without adding additional cost on monitor, thus achieve a total awareness of current state of the facility.