Tea shop, Taiwan

AVer offers effective surveillance and point-of-sale solutions to the retail store

The Problem:
632 In Tea is a restaurant/tea store selling variety of teas and also provides a relax dine-in environment. There are about thousands of these kinds of shops, including 632 In Tea, all over the cities in Taiwan that facing the problem of retail shrinkage and the person responsible for it.


Effective business management has always been the focus for the store owner of 632 In Tea. After invested a life saving to the business and successfully offered a good variety of selections on the menu to survive in the fierce competition in the restaurant and service industry, the owner of 632 In Tea has been looking for a way to effectively and efficiently manage his business.


The Solution:
AVerMedia surveillance products were ultimately selected to assist the store owner who preferred a surveillance system with powerful POS solutions. The AVerDiGi IWH3216 Touch hybrid DVR supports more than 20 most commonly use POS systems out in the market, and as the result it was seamlessly integrated to the POS system the shop currently using through AVerDiGi Data Box. The connected DVR to the POS system and the analog cameras around the shop provide the owner in the office and through mobile devices with live images, detail transaction information, and instant alarm notifications.


The transition from traditional pure analog DVR to the 16CH IWH3216 Touch hybrid DVR allows the owner to freely upgrade analog camera to megapixel IP camera for higher quality images at critical areas in the future. The owner can now be well informed of cash and merchandise rendered by POS functions such as POS video text overlay, Quick search, Search by date/time/event, POS text filter, Transaction database, Transaction alert by SMS/Phone/Email, etc. To cope with advanced functions and external connections, the IWH3216 Touch incorporates dual core processor that enabled the system to process multiple tasks at the same time without decreases overall performance.


“The IWH3216 Touch will lower the security costs for the store owner in the near future. The hybrid nature offers stability without much maintenance costs and AVerMedia offers free Central Management System- CM3000 which will be helpful for the business in time of expansion.” said Willson Wang, The Account Manager of Taiwan.