Department of Energy and Mineral, Indonesia

AVer provides a safer perimeter for the Department of Energy and Mineral in Indonesia

Taipei, Taiwan, August 23, 2010- The Department of Energy and Mineral is one of the most important government agencies in Indonesia, in charge of planning and executing energy policies for entire country. It is strategically located just one kilometer from the Presidential Palace where many important guests, government officials, meetings, and demonstrations and protests usually take place. This government building is always in a high profile area that in urgent need to increase security.


To enhance the security system of this complex, AVer DVRs have been chosen due to its reliability and functionality. The wide surveillance area contains dozen of cameras at the front, inside the building, and at the parking lots. The task of surveillance integration was relied on AVerDiGi SA6832E RACK and AVerDiGi 19” monitors to keep the securities well informed. To accommodate all surveillance feeds from the perimeter, AVerDiGi SA6832E RACK was selected because it’s compatibility to 32 Channels, H.264 compression technology. The E-map functions allow administrator to upload floor plans and showing the cameras locations are also extremely useful for the security officer.


Another consideration of implementing AVerDiGi SA6832E RACK is the hybrid feature for possible future IP cameras upgrade and central management system to increase management proficiency. Moreover, AVerDiGi SA Series had conformed to ONVIF standard that has been increasing its interoperability with other IP devices. “The impressive features and performance, also advanced function such as PTZ tracking, Face Finder, Visual Search, Noise Reduction, as well as the generic hybrid capability have significantly helped to simplify surveillance information and won the project for us.” Commented by Danny Chiou, AVerMedia Account Manager in charge of South East Asia.