Diving school, the Netherlands

AVerDiGi EB1304NET SATA+ provides aid during submerged activities in the Netherlands

Taipei, Taiwan, March 03, 2010- What happen when great engineering meets innovation? The question is best demonstrated in the recent project done by AVerMedia® INFORMATION, Inc. in Netherlands.


Thoughtfully, surveillance DVR AVerDiGi EB1304NET SATA+ was placed at the bottom of the orange waterproof box, which modified by the customer, has been used in diving exercise, inspection, and observation. This set of device has been especially welcome by instructors in diving and swimming school. The modified NVR set in the waterproof box can be connected up to 4 also waterproof cameras that capture motions under water. The images under water were sent live through cameras to the mounted LCD screen where instructor would see gestures of swimmers or procedures of divers off-shore, thus shortening learning process. Additionally, the NVR itself has auto recoding/storage capability and playback mode, from which instructors could show students for skill correction or for fun.


However, after researching for the perfect DVR in the market, AVerDiGi EB1304NET SATA+ was selected not only for its mobile application, but also the fully multi-functional front panel which had saved customer lots of technical troubles when modifying the video case. The multi-functional front panel contains vivid icons from selecting different modes of camera screen display to easy surveillance data search by date, time, and event.


Although the case set was originally designed to monitor submerge activities, but due to the long hour, reliable recording capabilities of EB1304NET SATA+ as well as the customized battery pack, it has been able to use on surface such as wild animal observation or construction sites for inspection and security monitoring where space is limited and electricity is out of reach. Last but not least, to increase the observation and inspection varieties, the DVR also supports PTZ cameras, quick HDD backup, Continuous /Motion / Sensor recording, and optional CMS3000 remote controlling and viewing.