Telecommunication project sites, Israel

AVerDiGi EB1304NET SATA secures telecommunication projects in Israel

Taipei, Taiwan, January 25, 2010- AVerDiGi EB1304NET SATA Series, along with NV5000 Lite and CM3000 Gold, have once again dispersed their influences in the Middle East, only this time, its Israel. One of the top 3 Telecommunication Company in Israel, Mirs Communications Ltd., a wireless telecommunications company based in Israel and a subsidiary of Motorola, has decided to switch to AVerDiGi surveillance system and integrated software as its first choice in securing 60 off-sites telecommunication bases after a disappointed system and network integration failure done by another security company.


AVerDiGi EB1304NET SATA+ features cost-effective, lightweight, compact size, and heat-resistance design has proven to be a perfect fit for transporting and adopting some of off-road sites’ condition. But more importantly, by combining the NV5000 Lite -DVR upgraded capture card and CM3000 Gold software- up to 1,000 DVRs integration, AVerDiGi was able to set-up a Central Management Center receiving live situations from all 60 sites, approximately 240 cameras (4 units on each site) for Mirs Communications Ltd.


The newly Central Management System (CMS3000 Gold) has been able to perform tasks such as sending live monitoring picture from all 60 sites to detect any breakthrough motion beforehand instead of trying to capture suspects afterwards, local back-up and CMS back-up capability to store much more surveillance data than the company ever imaging, without the hassle of running back and forth to all 60 sites trying to collect surveillance data, and EMap, remote PTZ control, and instant POS notification to mobile PDAViewer, SmartViewer, and iPhone that have fully dedicated the overall sites condition to the user.