Police stations, Thailand

AVerDiGi SA series proves helpful in securing Thai police stations

Taipei, Taiwan, July 10, 2009- As the leading provider of Surveillance technology, AVerMedia INFORMATION once again shares their achievements of winning the projects of police station in both Samutprakarn and Pathumthani areas, Thailand


For ensuring the frontline of police work and service quality to the community and prevent any illegal behavior and crime happened, the local police station realized they need to implement a video surveillance system. AVerDiGi SA series 4/8/16/32 CH Hybrid and Real-Time Standalone DVRs have been selected due to their powerful remote access capability, especially integration with Central Management System(CMS) that controls up to 1,000 DVRs to fit police stations’ specific application.


AVerDiGi SA series 4/8/16/32 CH Hybrid and Real-Time Standalone DVRs offer advanced MPEG4 and H.264 compression, and support 4,8,16 and 32 video and audio channels with both IP and Analog cameras for various security requirements. “With hybrid function, they are suitable to meet and greet the IP surveillance market and perfectly fits the camera transition era,” said by Samutprakarn Police Station chief. Furthermore, AVerDiGi SA series DVRs support full range of IP cameras (more than hundreds of IP camera models). Simultaneously, AVerMedia INFORMATION provides the service of adding IP camera support bases on specific request.


•4/8/16/32 CH Hybrid and Real-Time Standalone DVR
•Support MegaPixel IP cameras
•Advanced MPEG4 and H.264 compression
•Powerful remote software integration: CM3000/CM3000 Gold, Remote Console, WebViewer, PDAViewer and  SmartViewer
•Support all major brands of IP camera
•Support up to 128 sensors in/ relays out
 •POS integration and professional POSViewer