Department store, Thailand

AVerDiGi SA6832E rack secures "central department store's Pinklao branch" in Thailand

Taipei, Taiwan, May 20, 2009-Central Department Store’s Pinklao Branch is one of the biggest retail corporations in Thailand. The Central Retail Corporation (CRC) currently operates and wholly owns more than 200 stores in various sizes and formats throughout Thailand. For ensuring the safety of the visitors, staff and stores, AVerMedia INFORMATION’s AVerDiGi SA6832E Rack has been selected to guarantee absolute safety of the areas of department store, car park and office building.


AVerDiGi SA6832E Rack is a professional Hybrid and Real-Time Standalone DVR. It provides 32 channel video and audio inputs with Real-Time recording and offers H.264 compression engine for the efficient management of HDD usage. With hybrid function, SA6832E Rack also supports MegaPixel IP, Analog and PTZ cameras. By powerful remote accessibilities on PDA/cells, Central Management System (CM3000/CM3000 Gold) that controls up to 1,000 DVRs, SA6832E Rack keeps an eye on every corner of Central Department Store’s Pinklao Branch. Furthermore, this prominent DVR also integrates Visual Search, intuitive video intelligent functions, and value-added tools such as FaceFinder and Video Encryption.


“We are thrilled to be chosen to protect the safety of Central Department Store’s Pinklao Branch.” said Somchai J, AVerMedia INFORMATION’s Country Manager in Thailand. This achievement once again proves that AVerMedia INFORMATION continues its effort to provide the “Total Surveillance Solutions” for the security industry.