Department store, Taiwan

Shin Kong Mitsukoshi department stores rely on us for integrated and expandable security

Founded in 1989, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi is the largest department chain stores in Taiwan that established by the joint venture between two enterprises in Taiwan and Japan. With thousands of square feet in Taipei and all over the country, the security mission of Shin Kong Mitsukoshi is to provide a safe and family-oriented shopping environment to its employees and customers.


AVerDiGi SEB5116H To effectively and efficiently execute its mission, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi selected AVerMedia SEB5116H DVRs to connect 256 cameras throughout the shopping center. SEB5116H provides not only H.264 compression that saved storage space and equipment costs for the Center, but also the intelligent software search of recorded surveillance data through ease-of-use UI operation to security personnel in case of emergency. For example, Intelligent Data Search function to search events by date, hours, minutes, and seconds; Emergency SOP which illustrates steps of action must be taken by security guards; PTZ camera points zoom-in automatically to pinpoint the incidence.


The Central Management Software- CM3000 With so many camera feeds coming from the 14 stories building, the security manager wishes to react to incidence quickly and effectively. Previously, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi connected all the DVRs to the central matrix that exported surveillance images to multiple monitors. The new AVerDiGi CM3000 is enabling operators to view surveillance feeds from one of the four monitors on a central station. Other three screens are now used to view E-map which displays and indicates uploaded floor plans-up to 64, and locations of camera, alarm center, and instant review and playback of suspicious activities.


AVer had offered free of charge DVR integration to the central management system (CMS) in this project and is ready to help future surveillance expansion to all Shin Kong Mitsukoshi department stores throughout the country. Shin Kong Mitsukoshi has been planning to use AVerMedia CMS and DVRs to build a simple, but effective central monitoring station from a single location ever since the installation. Combining with the intelligent software of AVerMedia CMS, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi would easily maintain the highest security level to its mission as the leading fashion store brand in Taiwan.